Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Knowledge IS Power

     There are some things that are just too important to forget to do. In our family reading is one of those things! We try to read at least one book on a nightly basis. Big Brother has read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" so many times that he can now "read" it to us!
     Normally Hubby reads Big Brother his book(s) while I feed Froggie. Tonight Froggie wasn't ready to eat yet and so she joined Big Brother in his comfy bed to listen to their daddy read to them. 
     I have big plans to hit up our local library's summer reading program for kids and to try to head to story times (though they all seem to be at 10am while I'm at work and the kids are at day care). The kids are both signed up to receive free age appropriate books every month through a program started in our county through the United way. 
     In terms of Hip Dysplasia there aren't many books about the subject, especially for kids. I have not read it yet but I did come across Hope. Hope is a hippo and her story is one about hip dysplasia targeted at a young audience. The book has only 5 star reviews on ! I plan on ordering it soon and will write more once it arrives.

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