Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hoppy Birthday Daddy, love Froggie


    Froggie LOVES her daddy and today is his birthday! Unfortunately this year our birthdays have mostly fallen during the week so there isn't much festivity. We went to work/school as usual and picked up a yummy cake on the way home. Hubby loves Oreos so I picked up an Oreo cake to try. 

    We had to run a quick errand when I got home from work and then we headed out to Famous Daves for dinner.  the food was tasty and Big Brother was pretty well behaved. The kids love Hubby so much and he's such a good dad. Froggie and Big Brother wanted pictures with their daddy to document his being another year older.

     When we got home and had to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat some cake! It's been a pretty long day but I hope Hubby had a good birthday; he definitely deserves it for all the love and support he shows us on a daily basis. 

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