Thursday, June 27, 2013


     Well Froggie's right leg is cause for concern once again. I had mentioned at our last clinical check that I had heard/felt a popping but was unsure whether it was her hip or her knee. After Froggie's doctor moved her all around and attempted to aggravate the joint to make the noise he decided that it was most likely her knee. 
     Froggie has been VERY interested in her feet and has been holding on to them and pulling them up towards her mouth and also pulling them out to the side similar to how the harness holds them. However, today while at work, Froggie had her harness off since she was the only baby awake. While she was out of her harness this afternoon she began playing with her feet, which is not abnormal, but she started twisting her leg oddly. It does not appear to be comfortable to me but she doesn't seem to care at all. She's able to do it with her harness on as well, though not to the extent that she does when it's off. 
     Some of Froggie's habits are making me wonder if she's going to need further treatment...

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