Saturday, June 15, 2013

Retail Therapy

     Today was pretty low key. Hubby had to work in the morning and after lunch Big Brother headed to nap while the rest of us fell asleep in the living room. After nap we slowly collected ourselves with the intention of going to do a little retail therapy then heading out to visit with some friends of ours.
     Shopping went well and we stocked up on some necessities for Froggie since she'll be working food into her routine in August (or later depending on when she starts acting ready for it).
     While we were at Babies R Us I found a clearanced out Thomas train (not Thomas but Emily for any of you who follow Thomas the Friends). This was an awesome find since they're pretty expensive and it was one of the wooden ones, which I tend like better than the die cast ones. Anyway, it was floating around the cart and Big Brother wasn't supposed to see it but Hubby picked him up and of course then he wanted it and of course we said not right now. Two year olds don't like to be told "no". This turned into a full on screaming, crying tantrum and it's probably a good thing neither Hubby or I embarrass easily because this may have been his worst tantrum to date. Typically they last a minute or two and then he gets distracted and completely forgets what he was upset about but today he was fixated on the train in the cart that he couldn't have.
     Needless to say we cancelled all of our plans of being out and headed back home. There were two more small tantrums at the grocery store when we stopped to pick up food to make for dinner and intermittent whining throughout the evening. The joys of having a two year old!
     Anyway, back to Froggie! She made out with some pretty cool stuff. A new hat and pair of shades.

     And she got her very own Wubbanub!

     I LOVE these things! When Big Brother was about 18 months old we ditched 99% of our binky stash and bought him a Wubbanub duck and told him that was the only one he could have. It was fairly easy to keep track of and it made my plan for weaning him from his binky a little easier. When he was about 22 months old he "lost" ducky before we had to walk out the door so we went cold turkey to get rid of the binky. When we got home we quickly found ducky, removed the binky, and sewed up his mouth. Then we carried around ducky for awhile without a binky attached to him and now ducky stays in his bed. Hopefully Froggie's new froggy will last her and she seems to like it so far.

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