Monday, June 3, 2013

Family Walk

     We had decided to take family walks back in the start of spring and we stopped going. There was either something else to do, it was too hot, or it was raining and we made excuses to not go. Obviously we wont cart the kids out if we're all going to get soaked or going to end up with heat stroke but we're going to keep up with family walks as best as we can.
     This may have something to do with the fact that we registered for a 5K this afternoon. We're registered as walkers in the local Armed Forces 5K in July and we're planning on taking Froggie and Big Brother with us. It will primarily be a bunch of Navy reservists and their family members since it is a Navy Ball fundraiser.
     On our walk tonight Froggie chilled in the Ergo and we let Big Brother walk to see how long of a walk he can handle. Not to mention it makes him REALLY tired right before bed time. While we were walking we watched a guy catch a fish. He offered to let Big Brother see it and let him feel it. He was SO proud of himself for touching the fish and chased EVERY bird he noticed. Here are some pictures from our walk:

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