Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hoppy Father's Day

     Happy Father's Day from Froggie to all you dads out there.
     It has been tradition for our family that Hubby goes golfing on Father's Day with his dad and uncles. Today wasn't any different, though I thought it was going to rain on them. So Hubby got to hang out and golf a few holes before he strained his wrist again.
     Aside from golfing and being gifted with the beautiful handprints the kids made today was a typical Sunday. We went grocery shopping and had dinner, made sure everyone was clean and prepared for the week and now it's time to relax.
     The one thing I wanted today was a picture of Hubby and the kids. We take a lot of pictures of the kids but not so many pictures of us with them. We make a conscious effort to have family pictures taken (professionally) once a year and we typically hand off our camera to a family member at holidays or special occasions to have a picture taken of all of us. These were the best two pictures that came out of my attempts to get some pictures of Hubby and the kids.

     I hope that everyone had a relaxing weekend and that everyone had a wonderful Father's Day. I'm trying to pack the mornings this week week with fun activities since I'll be working later in the evening than usual. 

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