Sunday, June 30, 2013

See Ya Later Weekend!

     Our busy June weekends are all behind us and we survived! Baby showers, weddings, bridal showers, picnics, diaper parties....  All over now, it was busy but boy was it a blast!
     This weekend was particularly busy. We kicked off Friday with Froggie's check up followed by a family dinner at my in-laws since my Sister-in-law and her fiancĂ© were in town for the weekend.

Froggie and Grandpa

     Saturday Hubby worked in the morning and it was pretty laid back at home. After nap time we headed out to friends of ours to a "Diaper Party" to have some fun and celebrate the upcoming arrival of their second daughter. Big Brother had lots of fun playing, hunting bugs and getting dirty. He even suckered my friend into having a sleep over. This was the first sleep over that was with a non-family member (though she's my best friend and Big Brother calls her an Aunt). She made the mistake of asking if he wanted to have a sleep over and he, in his strong willed 2 year old fashion, said yes and followed through. It apparently got a little hairy when he woke up VERY early this morning but he successfully stayed!

Picking on Hubby at the diaper party. 

Big Brother using his friend's bike - he had a blast.
Big brother at his sleepover.

     Today was my Sister-in-law's bridal shower. It was a busy day but lots of fun. It's always nice to see family. When we got home we set up our sandbox/swimming pool and the kids got to "swim" for a little bit. It was a nice way to relax and for the kids to keep cool and have fun. Froggie actually seemed to enjoy the pool this time instead of being shocked about it. This may have had something to do with the fact that I put lukewarm tap water in the pool instead of hose water.

Froggie and Aunt Amy
Sharing the "pool"

Big Brother decided Froggie needed some water on her head.

She liked him dumping water on her belly better. 

The munchkins.

Froggie out of the pool. 
     Today is also the last day of Healthy Hips Awareness Month. Tomorrow may begin a new month but it does not mean that we can just forget about the need to spread the word about Hip Dysplasia!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

What's in the Envelope

     So here's what was in the envelope I got yesterday from the National Fragile X Foundation.

     That's right, my 5K packet has officially arrived! July is National Fragile X awareness month, and as Healthy Hips Awareness month comes to a close I am preparing to begin my month of 5K's including the NFXF Let 'Em Know 5K.
     As I noted in my last post about this 5K "Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) is a genetic condition that causes intellectual disability, behavioral and learning challenges and various physical characteristics. Though FXS occurs in both genders, males are more frequently affected than females, and generally with greater severity. ( 
     Please consider donating to our team and helping to raise awareness of something that affects people on a daily basis. Until you read this you probably had never heard of Fragile X Syndrome, but it is those causes that you knew little about that require the most help. If you want to check it out or donate you can do that here.

Check Up

     Yesterday was Froggie's 4 month check up (a little late because it had to be rescheduled once). After a little bit of waiting (at 4pm you're bound to experience the accumulated delays of the day) we made our way back to an exam room and answered a few questions for the nurse. Typical things like what's she eating (breastfed or formula), is she meeting milestones (cooing, holding her head up, etc.) and measuring her.
     Froggie weighed in at 12.13lbs and was de-harnessed to get her length at 25.25". I've noticed that since she was fitted with her harness her growth has slowed down a bit. She went from gaining approximately half a pound per week to just a few ounces. I had read that this was common though there was no real explanation as to why it happens. While waiting for the doctor we experienced a handful of 2 year old melt downs from Big Brother; one regarding changing a pull-up, one about Froggie pulling his hair and another after rolling himself off the chair and onto the floor (He's ok, but realized very quickly that falling on to tile isn't fun).
     Her doctor was impressed that she's rolling (out of the harness) since she spends so much time in her harness. She actually rolled from back to front this afternoon in the office - go figure she waits until we're in the office to do things... He did also note that by time she's back for her 6 month check up (at almost 7 months) that she'll probably be ready to begin some other solid foods like cereal or fruits and veggies.
     In addition to getting her work up from the doctor she had some vaccines. She's never fond of them and it didn't help that today while I was trying to calm her down Big Brother was spitting milk all around the exam room. Gotta love 2 year olds! Over all this afternoon was pretty stressful simply because Big Brother became upset about EVERYTHING. It didn't help that He decided to wander away from me in the parking lot while I was unlocking the car either.
     I have yet to master doctor's appointments with both kids and it's a little overwhelming to try to talk to the doctor about one child while worrying about what the other one is doing. If anyone has any advice I'd be willing to hear it - Big Brother has tried toys, books, snacks, the works and by time we actually see the doctor he's burned through all of his distractions.

Mmmm... tasty froggy
I see you... 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Got Mail

Today I got a special envelope! Tomorrow I'll show you what's inside...

Thursday, June 27, 2013


     Well Froggie's right leg is cause for concern once again. I had mentioned at our last clinical check that I had heard/felt a popping but was unsure whether it was her hip or her knee. After Froggie's doctor moved her all around and attempted to aggravate the joint to make the noise he decided that it was most likely her knee. 
     Froggie has been VERY interested in her feet and has been holding on to them and pulling them up towards her mouth and also pulling them out to the side similar to how the harness holds them. However, today while at work, Froggie had her harness off since she was the only baby awake. While she was out of her harness this afternoon she began playing with her feet, which is not abnormal, but she started twisting her leg oddly. It does not appear to be comfortable to me but she doesn't seem to care at all. She's able to do it with her harness on as well, though not to the extent that she does when it's off. 
     Some of Froggie's habits are making me wonder if she's going to need further treatment...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Knowledge IS Power

     There are some things that are just too important to forget to do. In our family reading is one of those things! We try to read at least one book on a nightly basis. Big Brother has read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" so many times that he can now "read" it to us!
     Normally Hubby reads Big Brother his book(s) while I feed Froggie. Tonight Froggie wasn't ready to eat yet and so she joined Big Brother in his comfy bed to listen to their daddy read to them. 
     I have big plans to hit up our local library's summer reading program for kids and to try to head to story times (though they all seem to be at 10am while I'm at work and the kids are at day care). The kids are both signed up to receive free age appropriate books every month through a program started in our county through the United way. 
     In terms of Hip Dysplasia there aren't many books about the subject, especially for kids. I have not read it yet but I did come across Hope. Hope is a hippo and her story is one about hip dysplasia targeted at a young audience. The book has only 5 star reviews on ! I plan on ordering it soon and will write more once it arrives.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diapering and the Harness (Cloth)

     WAY back when I started the blog I had mentioned doing an entry about diapering. When looking through the blogs "stats" I noticed that I recently got two pageviews from people searching Pavlik Harness and diapering - I guess that's as much of a sign as any to do this entry.
     Much like feeding and playing with Froggie changing her diaper around the harness has become routine. It happens numerous times a day and given the fact that I work in a day care I'm a pro at changing diapers, I just needed to change my approach a little.
     When Big Brother was an infant I made the push for cloth diapers. I had a whole list of reasons why I wanted to use them. I had little support from Hubby at that time to follow through, so we eventually abandon using them and packed them up in a box. When Froggie was about a week old we went to her first appointment with our family doctor knowing that our first appointment at Shriners Hospital was a week away. At this appointment our family doctor noted that he was glad we had an appointment and said that we may be advised to "double diaper" Froggie in order to hold her hips more openly. (Of course that was not the case but it was nice to have some idea of what to expect.)
     Shortly after coming home from that appointment we dragged out the box of cloth diaper covers and inserts and started using them because they were thicker than the disposable diapers. And I started ordering pocket diapers and wet bags to support our continued use of cloth diapers!
     Depending on which type of cloth diaper you use getting them on and off is much like using a disposable diaper. All in One and Pocket diapers seem to be the most like disposables but this entry is about inserts/covers. We use Flip covers and Econobum prefolds when we aren't using pocket diapers or All in One diapers.

Here's how we change Froggie's Diapers
Step 1. Start with a cute little baby that needs a new diaper. Have on hand an insert and whatever you use as wipes (we just use water in a spray bottle and wash cloths).

Step 2. Take off the dirty diaper and clean baby's bottom.

Step 3. Put on the new diaper. Make sure you aren't pulling their ankles together to get the diaper off and on. I typically place my hand under the small of Froggie's back and lift up her entire bottom half. Then weave the top tab of the diaper underneath the top strap of the harness.

Step 4. Weave the tabs under the bottom and top strap of the harness. ** If you fasten the diaper OVER the straps of the harness the harness can absorb urine and cause rashes on the baby's skin.**

Step 5. Enjoy your baby in their clean diaper!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bad Habits?

     The older Froggie gets the more dexterity I notice. Of course this is normal since as a baby grows they learn new skills and master control of their extremities. In Froggie's case I'm excited as my daughter meets milestones but some of them make me nervous that at our next check up for her hips we will hear that the harness has not done it's job.
     After her clinical check I had written that Froggie's doctor noted that once a child can roll over the harness no longer "works". I posted on a hip dysplasia support page and got a lot of responses saying that didn't make any sense and that their children had progressed just fine while wearing a harness and learning to roll over.
     I couldn't drop it there, and I hope no other parent will take what I say or what they are told by others in forums as the only answer. It's best to collect your information from every source available to you and then come up with your own opinion/solution with all the facts you can collect.
     So I did my research.  
     It turns out that he was right. Once a child is able to roll over the harness MAY not be effective because they may be too strong to allow the harness to pull their legs to the proper position. This also applies to pulling and holding legs out of the "froggied" position for prolonged periods.
     Now, like I said, I'm torn regarding some of Froggie's new abilities. She frequently plays with her feet and stretches them upwards to grab at her toes.When she's out of her harness she holds her toes and pulls her legs WAY out to the sides. She definitely does not have any problems with mobility of her joints but we'll have to wait and see if her dexterity means that everything is A-OK or that it's no longer effective.

Froggie's new moves

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Heat Wave

     Today was our annual family picnic and boy was it hot! I have written before about the heat and heat rash occurring with the harness but today we attempted to prevent it. Prior to leaving we coated Froggie in baby powder and chose to put a jumper on her that fit over her harness instead of our typical onesie under the harness and shirt or dress over it.
     This seemed to work, not to mention it felt significantly cooler than it was since we were near the lake and had a nice shady area with a constant breeze off the lake. It was nice to see family and we got to spend the afternoon outside.

Froggie and her Gi-Gi (Great Grandma)

Big Brother and his goldfish

Hubby and Froggie

Mmmmm fingers.... Froggie working on those teeth!

     After some socialization and lunch Big Brother asked to go to the beach. So we got him changed, put Froggie in the Ergo and headed down the "cliff".

Down the cliff

     Once we got to the bottom of the stairs Hubby still had to climb down the cement wall and take each child as I handed them off to him. Once we were on the beach it felt much warmer! The water was cool  but Big Brother wasn't thrilled with the little waves coming in and only took a few steps into the water before deciding to play in the sand instead.

cooling off

Froggie and I cooling off

Playing in the sand

     The kids had such a great day! By time we came back up from the beach they were both exhausted and passed out on a picnic blanket!

Sleepy kids!

     When we finally got home we took Froggie's romper off and let her hang out in a bib and her harness. She was a little red but it wasn't not quite what we had seen previously. Hubby's taken her to soak in a cool bath for a few minutes before bed which seems to cool her off and help her sleep.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Babysitting and the Harness

     It's not often that Hubby and I leave the kids for very long but there have been times, like today, when we've left the kids with a "babysitter". Of course by babysitter I mean a family member or a friend that we've known for a long time.
     Today my mom watched the kids while Hubby and I went to a wedding (which was beautiful by the way). There are a few things that are important for babysitters to know if you're leaving a child in a harness with them:
          1. Show them how to change a diaper around the harness. This is important because there is a learning curve to it. Chances are in the first few days of your child having the harness you developed a technique to getting diapers on efficiently.
          2. Make sure if you have multiple children that your sitter knows what is "off limits" to your child. This may seem common sense to you; however,  a sitter may not know that your child cannot sit in another child's Bumbo seat without modification or that they should not (and really can't while being in the harness) be put into a jumper.
          3. Cleaning instructions. This may not be needed but it's good to know that the harness can only be spot cleaned (if that is the type of harness you have).
     Of course these things are just additions to whatever information or schedule you may outline for your sitter normally.
     Today my sitter (my mom) teamed up with my sister to take the kids to pick strawberries.

Big Brother picking strawberries.

Froggie and Grandma picking strawberries. 
Hubby and I at the wedding

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bring on Summer!

     Happy Summer everybody!
     Today is the first official day of summer. The weather today was beautiful but Froggie and I were stuck inside at work/school for most of the day. This evening while we were waiting on dinner we ventured outside and Froggie ended up in the swing. She LOVED it! And my mom was able to get her in it without having to remove the harness! 
     Unfortunately the temperature is supposed to sky rocket and the storms are supposed to roll in and we've got an action packed weekend ahead. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Tooth!

Froggie playing with her toes

     You read right! Froggie's second tooth appears to be coming in quickly. You can kind of see it in the picture. Please ignore my chipping nail polish, it needs redone badly!

     These are the bubbles that cause problems! Froggie blows bubble and drools SO MUCH that it soaks her shirt if she's not wearing a bib and sometimes gets her harness pretty wet. So we've been having her wear bibs for most of the day and try to have her wear dresses and shirts over the harness so that it only gets damp rather than soaked. 

     In addition to a new tooth Froggie got some pretty jewelry today. After some discussion with Hubby we decided to have her ears pierced. We decided that the risk of something happening to them was less since she can't play with them. She was going to get cute little crowns but they were sold out so she got little balls instead. She did really well over all and Big Brother got to enjoy a sucker for her.

Froggie with her earrings.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hoppy Birthday Daddy, love Froggie


    Froggie LOVES her daddy and today is his birthday! Unfortunately this year our birthdays have mostly fallen during the week so there isn't much festivity. We went to work/school as usual and picked up a yummy cake on the way home. Hubby loves Oreos so I picked up an Oreo cake to try. 

    We had to run a quick errand when I got home from work and then we headed out to Famous Daves for dinner.  the food was tasty and Big Brother was pretty well behaved. The kids love Hubby so much and he's such a good dad. Froggie and Big Brother wanted pictures with their daddy to document his being another year older.

     When we got home and had to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat some cake! It's been a pretty long day but I hope Hubby had a good birthday; he definitely deserves it for all the love and support he shows us on a daily basis. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hip Hop 5K

     Like I said, I'm all about the 5k's this summer!
     The Hip Hop 5k is happening in Easton, MA on August 24th. The money raised during this event is going to benefit the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and the Boston Children's Hospital Hip Program.
     Unfortunately I will not be able to attend and participate in this event, because it is simply too far away, but every little bit helps and I can at least spread the word. Most cases of hip dysplasia are missed in children because screening methods are currently lacking.
     Without the support of patients, their families, and those in the community hip dysplasia will continue to be an unheard of diagnosis. The more people know about hip dysplasia the less likely it will become for cases to go undiagnosed!
     If you are near Easton, MA and able to participate in the 5k please show your support. If not and you can spare a few dollars to go towards treatment and awareness please donate here.

     Here's your daily dose of Froggie - She has started to play with her toes and frequently hangs out like this.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Teething Bites!

     Well it's official - we have a tooth!
     Froggie has been working on this tooth for quite some time and has been excessively drooly which was causing her to have some upset tummy issues. I highly recommend bibs and wearing clothes over the harness during teething to protect it from drool and spit up which may be more frequent and unpredictable during teething.
     For the last week or so we would be able to feel the tooth had broken through her gums in the evening but by morning her gums had swollen back over her tooth and healed so that the entire process had to start over.
     This morning when I checked her gums they had not swollen over and I could feel the entire tooth! I waited all day to see if they would swell back up and they haven't yet so I'm now confident she's got a tooth and it's not going anywhere!
     This was a much different experience than with Big Brother - he sprouted two teeth almost overnight with no indication to us that they were coming! I'm sure there are lots of adventures in teething to come but today Froggie overcame her first battle!