Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Tooth!

Froggie playing with her toes

     You read right! Froggie's second tooth appears to be coming in quickly. You can kind of see it in the picture. Please ignore my chipping nail polish, it needs redone badly!

     These are the bubbles that cause problems! Froggie blows bubble and drools SO MUCH that it soaks her shirt if she's not wearing a bib and sometimes gets her harness pretty wet. So we've been having her wear bibs for most of the day and try to have her wear dresses and shirts over the harness so that it only gets damp rather than soaked. 

     In addition to a new tooth Froggie got some pretty jewelry today. After some discussion with Hubby we decided to have her ears pierced. We decided that the risk of something happening to them was less since she can't play with them. She was going to get cute little crowns but they were sold out so she got little balls instead. She did really well over all and Big Brother got to enjoy a sucker for her.

Froggie with her earrings.

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