Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hip Hop 5K

     Like I said, I'm all about the 5k's this summer!
     The Hip Hop 5k is happening in Easton, MA on August 24th. The money raised during this event is going to benefit the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and the Boston Children's Hospital Hip Program.
     Unfortunately I will not be able to attend and participate in this event, because it is simply too far away, but every little bit helps and I can at least spread the word. Most cases of hip dysplasia are missed in children because screening methods are currently lacking.
     Without the support of patients, their families, and those in the community hip dysplasia will continue to be an unheard of diagnosis. The more people know about hip dysplasia the less likely it will become for cases to go undiagnosed!
     If you are near Easton, MA and able to participate in the 5k please show your support. If not and you can spare a few dollars to go towards treatment and awareness please donate here.

     Here's your daily dose of Froggie - She has started to play with her toes and frequently hangs out like this.

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