Saturday, June 29, 2013

Check Up

     Yesterday was Froggie's 4 month check up (a little late because it had to be rescheduled once). After a little bit of waiting (at 4pm you're bound to experience the accumulated delays of the day) we made our way back to an exam room and answered a few questions for the nurse. Typical things like what's she eating (breastfed or formula), is she meeting milestones (cooing, holding her head up, etc.) and measuring her.
     Froggie weighed in at 12.13lbs and was de-harnessed to get her length at 25.25". I've noticed that since she was fitted with her harness her growth has slowed down a bit. She went from gaining approximately half a pound per week to just a few ounces. I had read that this was common though there was no real explanation as to why it happens. While waiting for the doctor we experienced a handful of 2 year old melt downs from Big Brother; one regarding changing a pull-up, one about Froggie pulling his hair and another after rolling himself off the chair and onto the floor (He's ok, but realized very quickly that falling on to tile isn't fun).
     Her doctor was impressed that she's rolling (out of the harness) since she spends so much time in her harness. She actually rolled from back to front this afternoon in the office - go figure she waits until we're in the office to do things... He did also note that by time she's back for her 6 month check up (at almost 7 months) that she'll probably be ready to begin some other solid foods like cereal or fruits and veggies.
     In addition to getting her work up from the doctor she had some vaccines. She's never fond of them and it didn't help that today while I was trying to calm her down Big Brother was spitting milk all around the exam room. Gotta love 2 year olds! Over all this afternoon was pretty stressful simply because Big Brother became upset about EVERYTHING. It didn't help that He decided to wander away from me in the parking lot while I was unlocking the car either.
     I have yet to master doctor's appointments with both kids and it's a little overwhelming to try to talk to the doctor about one child while worrying about what the other one is doing. If anyone has any advice I'd be willing to hear it - Big Brother has tried toys, books, snacks, the works and by time we actually see the doctor he's burned through all of his distractions.

Mmmm... tasty froggy
I see you... 

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