Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Help Us Find Phoenix!

Help us bring Phoenix home quickly!

     Like I said in the last post, my sister called around 10pm New Years Eve to say that their dog, Phoenix, had run off around 9pm. Phoenix is a 1 year old red Viszla and was wearing her tags when she went missing. If you live in the Erie, PA area and have seen her or heard of her whereabouts please contact her owners via the information on her tags, me through the blog, or through the Erie Animal Network post on Facebook.

Phoenix and Big Brother
Phoenix and Froggie

Phoenix and her mommy and daddy

Christmas Day Part 3: One last Hurrah

     When we got home from Grandma and Grandpa's it was time for Christmas dinner. After Christmas dinner it was time to open MORE presents… Big Brother and Froggie opened their gifts from my mother, here's some peeks at that.

Checking out the presents

Happy Froggie

Some more excited faces!

More princess' for her castle!

Checking out her couch like Big Brother's

I think she likes it!

Playing princess' with Hubby

Playing princess' with Hubby

Christmas Day Part 2: Grandma & Grandpa's

      After our morning festivities we packed up and headed to Hubby's parents' house so that we could celebrate Christmas with them as well as my Sister-in-law and her new husband who were in for the holiday. The kids had a blast playing with the train, opening gifts and meeting their puppy-cousin Bailey.

The kids playing with the train

Aunt Amy, Uncle Bobby and Bailey

Froggie wearing the wrapping

It's a bird… It's a plane… 

unwrapping some gifts


Playing with Grandpa!

Ringing in the New Year

     Happy 2014! At some point I'll get caught up with all of our recent holiday festivities but Big Brother and Froggie wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year on time! We're spending the evening watching some Disney movies, having some snacks and ordering running gear with the expectation that none of us will actually make it until midnight to watch the ball drop.

Happy New Year from Big Brother and Froggie

Happy New Year from Froggie

Happy New Year from Froggie

Happy New Year from Big Brother

What it takes to dress up Froggie

Happy New Year from Froggie

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day Part 1

     Santa came! Here are some pictures from our Christmas morning. Big Brother and Froggie were up around their normal time and we checked out everything that Santa brought and the kids opened their gifts from Hubby and I before we had breakfast.

Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk!

Santa came!

Santa came!

Santa came!

A SUPER excited Big Brother!

Froggie's 1st Christmas!

Dolly and a phone

Happy Froggie with her castle and princess'

One of MANY excited faces

LOVE these faces

Merry Christmas from our pups!

some of my gifts from Hubby

Froggie loving her ham and eggs!


     The other night Froggie just wouldn't stay asleep and couldn't seem to get comfy (teeth?). After a few attempts at getting her to sleep and wanting to work on the blanket I was crocheting for her I decided to combined the two. I wrapped Froggie up in my partially completed blanket and worked away!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Steeler Sunday

     It seems fitting to wrap up football season with some adorable pictures of Froggie in her Steelers cheerleading outfit. We watched in style with some friends while Big Brother and his friend ran around and played. It was a blast and I wish that we could spend ALL season watching the games this way rather than just the games that occur near holidays.

Christmas Eve

     Hubby and I had the day off and spent the day getting a few things done. Hubby spent the morning calling around trying to exchange a video game we had bought for the wrong system so that we could give it to Big Brother Chirstmas morning. After a few times of just going to the store trying to exchange it we opted to do the calling around instead. Our local store finally had ONE in stock so Hubby ran up the hill to do that quickly.
     When he got home we got everyone up and dressed so that Froggie could go get the second half of her flu shot since she was unable to get it the day before. The appointment went well and we were in and out pretty quickly. I didn't even have to lay her down and we were able to be on our way.
     After we left the doctor's office we met up with my friend at a local restaurant for brunch. It was nice to catch up since she's currently living out of state and it was nice to have good, local food. This particular restaurant is typically closed after nap time since they primarily serve bagels. We sat there and ate and talked until they closed and then headed home and did some cleaning up before the Christmas Eve festivities began. While getting ready and double checking our things for Christmas day I realized that we had forgotten to pick up something for Froggie and I was feeling my lack of caffeine! Hubby ran back out and got some Pepsi and a last minute movie to go with another toy we had already purchased.
     Once he got home we got everyone dressed and ready to head out to Christmas Eve mass. We typically leave pretty early to find seats but had to look around for enough space for everyone. During mass some of our religious ed kids acted out the Christmas story. After some dropped toys and spilled puffs (thanks Hubby and Big Brother) our time was coming to a close. At the end of mass Santa came in and knelt in front of the nativity scene; it was a great reminder of why we celebrate, especially since we frequently get wrapped up in everything else that accompanies the real reason we celebrate.

Waiting for Mass to begin
Our little family

Big Brother showing Froggie some love

Merry Christmas from the kids!

     After some pictures we had to hunt down a broom and mini vacuum to clean up all of the puffs. Big Brother wanted to use the vacuum so we just brushed all the puffs towards him so he could sweep them up.

Cleaning up his mess

We're such a helpful group of adults… 

     when we got home we had some delicious dinner prepped by Hubby and I while Froggie slept. Then we decided to bake some sugar cookies for Santa. We let my sister's dog, Pheonix, wake Froggie up so she wouldn't miss the festivities. Once the cookies were in the oven we opened some gifts from my sister and her fiancĂ© as well as some things from my mother. The kids got their Christmas jammies and everyone headed to bed for the night!

Christmas Eve dinner

Making Santa some cookies

Making Santa some cookies

Come on baby, wake up and bake cookies!

Making Santa some cookies

Opening some early presents

Opening some early presents

Snoozing in her Christmas jammies.

Snoozing in our Christmas jammies