Monday, June 24, 2013

Bad Habits?

     The older Froggie gets the more dexterity I notice. Of course this is normal since as a baby grows they learn new skills and master control of their extremities. In Froggie's case I'm excited as my daughter meets milestones but some of them make me nervous that at our next check up for her hips we will hear that the harness has not done it's job.
     After her clinical check I had written that Froggie's doctor noted that once a child can roll over the harness no longer "works". I posted on a hip dysplasia support page and got a lot of responses saying that didn't make any sense and that their children had progressed just fine while wearing a harness and learning to roll over.
     I couldn't drop it there, and I hope no other parent will take what I say or what they are told by others in forums as the only answer. It's best to collect your information from every source available to you and then come up with your own opinion/solution with all the facts you can collect.
     So I did my research.  
     It turns out that he was right. Once a child is able to roll over the harness MAY not be effective because they may be too strong to allow the harness to pull their legs to the proper position. This also applies to pulling and holding legs out of the "froggied" position for prolonged periods.
     Now, like I said, I'm torn regarding some of Froggie's new abilities. She frequently plays with her feet and stretches them upwards to grab at her toes.When she's out of her harness she holds her toes and pulls her legs WAY out to the sides. She definitely does not have any problems with mobility of her joints but we'll have to wait and see if her dexterity means that everything is A-OK or that it's no longer effective.

Froggie's new moves

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