Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diapering and the Harness (Cloth)

     WAY back when I started the blog I had mentioned doing an entry about diapering. When looking through the blogs "stats" I noticed that I recently got two pageviews from people searching Pavlik Harness and diapering - I guess that's as much of a sign as any to do this entry.
     Much like feeding and playing with Froggie changing her diaper around the harness has become routine. It happens numerous times a day and given the fact that I work in a day care I'm a pro at changing diapers, I just needed to change my approach a little.
     When Big Brother was an infant I made the push for cloth diapers. I had a whole list of reasons why I wanted to use them. I had little support from Hubby at that time to follow through, so we eventually abandon using them and packed them up in a box. When Froggie was about a week old we went to her first appointment with our family doctor knowing that our first appointment at Shriners Hospital was a week away. At this appointment our family doctor noted that he was glad we had an appointment and said that we may be advised to "double diaper" Froggie in order to hold her hips more openly. (Of course that was not the case but it was nice to have some idea of what to expect.)
     Shortly after coming home from that appointment we dragged out the box of cloth diaper covers and inserts and started using them because they were thicker than the disposable diapers. And I started ordering pocket diapers and wet bags to support our continued use of cloth diapers!
     Depending on which type of cloth diaper you use getting them on and off is much like using a disposable diaper. All in One and Pocket diapers seem to be the most like disposables but this entry is about inserts/covers. We use Flip covers and Econobum prefolds when we aren't using pocket diapers or All in One diapers.

Here's how we change Froggie's Diapers
Step 1. Start with a cute little baby that needs a new diaper. Have on hand an insert and whatever you use as wipes (we just use water in a spray bottle and wash cloths).

Step 2. Take off the dirty diaper and clean baby's bottom.

Step 3. Put on the new diaper. Make sure you aren't pulling their ankles together to get the diaper off and on. I typically place my hand under the small of Froggie's back and lift up her entire bottom half. Then weave the top tab of the diaper underneath the top strap of the harness.

Step 4. Weave the tabs under the bottom and top strap of the harness. ** If you fasten the diaper OVER the straps of the harness the harness can absorb urine and cause rashes on the baby's skin.**

Step 5. Enjoy your baby in their clean diaper!

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  1. I wanted to share with all you parents Baybee Covers, www.baybeecovers.com. They make harness covers for babies who have to wear the Wheaton Pavlik Harness. This has come in handy to my daughter who has had to wear the Pavlik. It has kept the harness clean, but most importantly has provided comfort to my daughter and eased chaffing from the harness.