Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shriners Hospital for Children Community Open House

     Today was a community open house at the Shriners Hospital where Froggie is receiving treatment for her hips. We thought we would go and check out all that they had going on and show our support for the wonderful organization that we have come to love for all they have done for us.
     We went a little later in the open house but still got to experience some pretty awesome things. As soon as we crossed the street Big Brother was excited to see the parking lot full of the cars set up for the car show.     

Picture with the ZZ Top car

Checking out the cars with Grandma

     We headed inside to catch the craft tables, clothing sales and self guided tours before they shut them down. On our way in we got to listen a little to some young entertainers singing broadway tunes. We missed out on the roaming magician, zoo animals and clowns but I'm sure they were tons of fun for those who showed up earlier in the morning.

Some young entertainers

     Big Brother, Froggie and I showed my mother around the hospital. She had been there when my sister was younger and her legs were turned inward but things had changed a lot since then. His favorite part was showing her the boat and train table!

Driving the boat

Froggie and I touring

     After our tour and my purchase of a new Steelers bib each for Froggie and Big Brother we headed back outside to listen to the band.

The Zem Zem Band

     While outside with the band we encountered an AMAZING little girl. We had watched a video of her story while Big Brother played at the train table with her but she had left the room before they interacted much. Her family had sought out treatment at Shriners after receiving advice from professionals that they did not believe was their only option. She has been receiving treatment since she was born and uses a significant lift in her shoe as well as a crutch but boy can she dance! We ran into her again when we went outside and she asked Big Brother to dance with her. He became shy and got quiet, not that you could really hear him over the band anyway, and asked about her lift as well as the brace that reached up her leg. She did not seem bothered by his asking and showed off her brace and explained it all to he and I the best way that a young child can. He was still resistant to dance with her but didn't hide from her either and she turned her interest to Froggie. Several staff and Shriners had noticed that she had her harness on and were excited that she was "one of ours" and there today. I explained Froggie's situation to our new friend and even took her out of the Ergo to show how her harness worked. She excitedly told me that she was getting a baby sister this summer and smiled at Froggie while asking a few more questions about her harness. We listened to the band a little longer and headed out to lunch.
     It was a great event and it gave the public a chance to see how great the people and facility are, which is something we already knew!

In front of the sign on our way out

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