Monday, June 17, 2013

Teething Bites!

     Well it's official - we have a tooth!
     Froggie has been working on this tooth for quite some time and has been excessively drooly which was causing her to have some upset tummy issues. I highly recommend bibs and wearing clothes over the harness during teething to protect it from drool and spit up which may be more frequent and unpredictable during teething.
     For the last week or so we would be able to feel the tooth had broken through her gums in the evening but by morning her gums had swollen back over her tooth and healed so that the entire process had to start over.
     This morning when I checked her gums they had not swollen over and I could feel the entire tooth! I waited all day to see if they would swell back up and they haven't yet so I'm now confident she's got a tooth and it's not going anywhere!
     This was a much different experience than with Big Brother - he sprouted two teeth almost overnight with no indication to us that they were coming! I'm sure there are lots of adventures in teething to come but today Froggie overcame her first battle!


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