Saturday, June 8, 2013

Equipment Day at the Zoo

     Before we began our preparations for tomorrows festivities the kids and I met my hubby when he got out of work to go to equipment day at our zoo. They brought in a bunch of construction vehicles and a fire truck and placed them throughout the zoo with volunteers to aid children in checking them out. It was REALLY busy but Big Brother was SO excited to go see the "big trucks".
     He got to climb inside most of them and did such a great job waiting in line. He always impresses me with how patient and kind he is when we're out and about.
     Froggie spent our time at the zoo in the ergo and was a pretty happy camper. Here are some pictures from our day.

Hubby and Big Brother in one of the trucks.

Big Brother and the trucks.

Froggie and I with the big trucks.

Me and the kids.

How Froggie spent most of our time at the zoo.

     Froggie's Harness was still drying and we needed to go out and about so she got to wear pants! I think everyone was a little interested to see her in them.

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