Saturday, June 22, 2013

Babysitting and the Harness

     It's not often that Hubby and I leave the kids for very long but there have been times, like today, when we've left the kids with a "babysitter". Of course by babysitter I mean a family member or a friend that we've known for a long time.
     Today my mom watched the kids while Hubby and I went to a wedding (which was beautiful by the way). There are a few things that are important for babysitters to know if you're leaving a child in a harness with them:
          1. Show them how to change a diaper around the harness. This is important because there is a learning curve to it. Chances are in the first few days of your child having the harness you developed a technique to getting diapers on efficiently.
          2. Make sure if you have multiple children that your sitter knows what is "off limits" to your child. This may seem common sense to you; however,  a sitter may not know that your child cannot sit in another child's Bumbo seat without modification or that they should not (and really can't while being in the harness) be put into a jumper.
          3. Cleaning instructions. This may not be needed but it's good to know that the harness can only be spot cleaned (if that is the type of harness you have).
     Of course these things are just additions to whatever information or schedule you may outline for your sitter normally.
     Today my sitter (my mom) teamed up with my sister to take the kids to pick strawberries.

Big Brother picking strawberries.

Froggie and Grandma picking strawberries. 
Hubby and I at the wedding

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