Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feeling Froggie

     Greetings from a silly, sleepy Froggie.

     Froggie got her very own froggy from my mom this past weekend and she loves it. Well she loves to eat it, which is about the same thing as far as a 4 month old is concerned. 
     Lately Froggie has been very interested in playing with her harness. I'm not sure if she likes to hold on to it in an attempt to get it off or if it's just a convenient place to put her hands. I'm not really sure how effective her harness is if she sits around with her legs up in the air but she seems to have fun. I decided to take some pictures today while she was holding her straps and playing with the velcro.

     Tomorrow is another clinical check so we'll see if her harness needs adjusting at all. 

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