Sunday, June 23, 2013

Heat Wave

     Today was our annual family picnic and boy was it hot! I have written before about the heat and heat rash occurring with the harness but today we attempted to prevent it. Prior to leaving we coated Froggie in baby powder and chose to put a jumper on her that fit over her harness instead of our typical onesie under the harness and shirt or dress over it.
     This seemed to work, not to mention it felt significantly cooler than it was since we were near the lake and had a nice shady area with a constant breeze off the lake. It was nice to see family and we got to spend the afternoon outside.

Froggie and her Gi-Gi (Great Grandma)

Big Brother and his goldfish

Hubby and Froggie

Mmmmm fingers.... Froggie working on those teeth!

     After some socialization and lunch Big Brother asked to go to the beach. So we got him changed, put Froggie in the Ergo and headed down the "cliff".

Down the cliff

     Once we got to the bottom of the stairs Hubby still had to climb down the cement wall and take each child as I handed them off to him. Once we were on the beach it felt much warmer! The water was cool  but Big Brother wasn't thrilled with the little waves coming in and only took a few steps into the water before deciding to play in the sand instead.

cooling off

Froggie and I cooling off

Playing in the sand

     The kids had such a great day! By time we came back up from the beach they were both exhausted and passed out on a picnic blanket!

Sleepy kids!

     When we finally got home we took Froggie's romper off and let her hang out in a bib and her harness. She was a little red but it wasn't not quite what we had seen previously. Hubby's taken her to soak in a cool bath for a few minutes before bed which seems to cool her off and help her sleep.

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