Monday, January 20, 2014

New Hobby

     When I was pregnant with Froggie I started teaching myself to crochet. I had set it aside for awhile in the hustle and bustle of having a new baby and adjusting to being a parent of 2 with exception of a pair of leggings I had worked on when Froggie was still in her harness (you can read about those here).
     I recently picked the hobby back up and have been working daily on one project or another. I finally finished a new blanket for Froggie (because I wasn't happy with the one I made while I was a beginner) and made Big Brother a hat for his birthday. I have also made a few heart appliqués, two different types of crowns, and a cute little Valentines Day hat for Froggie.

Froggie's new blankie

Valentine's hat

Crown for little girls; pattern found here.

Crown for little boys; pattern found here.

     I picked up an awesome book of projects that can be completed with a single skein of yarn and I plan on working up a bunch of the projects in it. The Valentine's Day hat was actually modified a little from a pattern in the book.

Awesome new book

   Froggie has taken to my new hobby as well and seems very interested in my supplies.

Froggie approves of my new hobby

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