Friday, January 31, 2014

Disney On Ice

     Wednesday night we took the kids to Disney on Ice. It was a gift for both kids because of when it fell, we had given the tickets to Big Brother on his birthday and Froggie's birthday is this coming weekend.

Our tickets

     We left a few minutes later than I had wanted to and pulled into the area where the parking garages were about ten minutes before the show. Hubby and I decided that Big Brother and I would get out and walk in to the arena while Hubby and Froggie would park and then join us. Big Brother and I got inside, waited in line to have our tickets scanned and then waited a little bit for Hubby but he hadn't come in and I was starting to get worried that we wouldn't be seated when the show started so we went to our seats. 

The view from our seats


Mickey, Minne and Snow White

the seven dwarfs 

Everyone watching

Snow White and the Prince

Excited for intermission

She made it to intermission!

     We were a little afraid of how the evening would go since the show didn't even start until a half hour before Big Brother's bed time and Froggie normally goes to bed within a half hour or so of him. They amazingly made it to intermission with no problem (although Froggie was starting to look a little sleepy). We had packed glow necklaces and light up toys along with drinks for both kids and that seemed to be helpful. At intermission I took Big Brother out to see if he would use the restroom and to look at the snacks and souvenirs. He had a hard time deciding whether he wanted a snack or a toy and eventually decided that he wanted a snow cone. After we waited in line for his snow cone he decided he wanted to pick out a toy for Froggie. Initially he wanted to get her the toy he had wanted (a sword) but then decided that she would like a stuffed Pascal (the lizard from Tangled). He did a pretty good job because she loved it! As soon as we gave it to her she squeezed it tightly and tried to chew on it - which, if you have a baby or toddler, you know it as good as saying "thanks, I love it".

Big Brother's snow cone

Froggie and her toys

Watching the princesses

Trying to get a picture of her smiling - I promise she did, a lot

Big Brother watching the ice skaters while Froggie nursed

My favorite part!


     A little bit after intermission Froggie got fussy and didn't want her cup, which she had already dropped on the people in front of us to accompany the spoon Big Brother dropped down there as well. I nursed her and thought for sure that she would fall asleep until the dragon started breathing fire and it got loud. Then she decided to pay attention again and play on my lap. After the show had ended we headed out for a potty break before heading home and Big Brother was SO tired. He got upset and asked again for a sword and in typical toddler fashion began to cry. Hubby and I talked with him and he was able to calm down and we came to an agreement that included buying the last sword on the table and taking it home with us. 
     We survived the cold walk to the parking garaged despite another melt down from Big Brother about having cold hands, thanks to the fact that he lost one of his gloves on the way in to the arena. After warming up the car and settling Big Brother in his car seat with a blanket we headed for home and I was certain that the kids would both fall asleep. Of course, Big Brother had gotten a second wind and was still alert and showing off his sword when we stopped for gas. Froggie passed out, as expected, and snuggled a little with Pascal before moving to bed.

Showing off his "dragon sword"

Froggie and Pascal

He HAD to take the sword to bed with him!

Repurposing the snow cone cup!

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