Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big Brother Fun Day!

     Today we decided to give Big Brother an afternoon out with Hubby and I. Froggie stayed home with my mom while the three of us went to see his very first movie in the theater; Frozen! We got there a little early, waited in line for our snacks (Big Brother wanted popcorn AND Skittles to go with his fruit punch) and then found our seats. We tried out the seat by itself but Big Brother was just a little too short to see all of the screen so Hubby took him out to use the potty once more before the movie started and they picked up a fancy booster seat on the way back. 

Waiting for the movie to start

He made it through the WHOLE movie
     After the movie we sat and waited for the credits to finish (if you haven't seen Frozen or if you're going to see it again stay, there's something after they finish rolling the credits!) and he got a little antsy at this point but he sat pretty still and was especially quiet (for a 3 year old) during the whole movie. He ate all of his Skittles (which were rationed out over the course of the movie) and most of his popcorn. After the movie we tracked down the Olaf display so that Big Brother could take his picture with it. He was pretty excited to play the ukelele too.

Big Brother and Olaf

Playing the ukelele

All of us with Olaf!

     After the movie Big Brother was pretty tired and a little grumpy but apologized for crawling on the floor and not being an especially good listener and asked to go to the book store. Who can honestly say no to a 3 year old who requests a trip to the book store? Hubby and I thought about whether we should take him or not since he was getting pretty tired and tends to act up the more exhausted he is. Because of his sincere apology and the fact that he doesn't get a lot of one on one time with both of us we took him. He got to pick out a book and chose Rescue Mater (a Cars book, go figure). We got Froggie a Frozen book and Hubby and I both picked up books for ourselves as well.
     We came home to a sleeping Froggie and tucked Big Brother into his bed for a late nap. Froggie woke up with bright red cheeks and was pretty clingy. She has slept most of the evening, has been pretty drolly and seems to have a low grade fever; a dose of ibuprofen put an end to the fever (for now) and the redness since it was a result of the fever. Hopefully the sleep and snuggling will fix the rest! She even got carried around in a sling for awhile because I wanted my hands back!

snuggly Froggie

Happy to be snuggling in her sling

Sleeping snuggled up to mommy

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