Monday, January 6, 2014

Coping with the Cold

     Brrrrrr… It's cold out there (notice the "feels like" temp! From 10:17pm Monday night)! We, like much of the nation, are experiencing some record lows for our area. I think this is the coldest it has been in this area in about 20 years. I remember school being cancelled once because of cold temperatures when I was in middle or high school. We live in the snow belt so schools rarely close, and every school in the area closed for Tuesday, some before students even had been there half a day Monday. This is how we stayed warm this evening after Big Brother went to bed.

Froggie slept in some blankets on my lap. 

Hubby sat next to us and played a game. 

I worked on some little crochet projects while snuggling with Froggie.

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