Friday, January 31, 2014

Spread Awareness for Hip Dysplasia

Froggie's first full day in her harness
    I've said it before and I'll say it again… until Froggie was born I had NEVER heard of hip dysplasia! I was an EMT for a while after high school and received my Art Therapy degree in a medical school where we shared the halls and student lounge with medical students and never did I hear anything regarding this particular topic. (That is not to say that they were not taught that information, just that I either didn't pay attention to it or they weren't studying it in the halls/lounge)
     That being said, a few advocates have made the push for more publicity regarding hip dysplasia and are targeting popular medical TV shows. While I don't always value these types of shows for a variety of reasons I do think that creating better screening and conformity in evaluation and treatment will be beneficial but will only come about through awareness.
    So… help spread the word and get hip dysplasia out there by clicking on the link below to sign a petition asking Dr. OZ or The Doctor's to discuss the topic.

Froggie in her harness

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