Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cold Weather Cutie

     Well it has warmed up quite a bit from yesterday morning. Today it was 3° on my way to work rather than -13° ( -5° and -43° respectively with wind chill factored in). While the kids stayed home yesterday since it was simply too cold for Hubby and I to be comfortable letting them out of the house (there was frost forming on the inside of the door!) they got bundled up to come to work with me today since Hubby was returning to work from his day of working from home. This is how Froggie slept last night (I think it's important to note that Froggie hates having her feet covered and wearing footed jammies to sleep but it was so cold last night that she didn't even try to pull at them).

Sleepy Froggie in hand-me-down foots

She's a pillow thief

     Big Brother is pretty resistant to bundling up unless he's going to play outside he was easily convinced to put on an extra sweat shirt. Froggie didn't have much of a choice but to wear what we put her in, I thought her outfit today was particularly cute and made her look like such a big girl. It's really hard for me to believe that in less than a month she'll be a one-year-old!

Eating breakfast at school

Cute little Owl girl!

She even had ears!

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