Saturday, January 4, 2014

Get the Party Started

     Today was Big Brother's 3rd birthday party. We had made the decision to have it outside of the house this year and thought that we would try bowling. While we had completely intended to take him bowling before today it never happened and so today was his first time bowling as well.
     He was SO excited that he didn't nap and so he got a little crazy during his party, but you'll have that with 3 year olds. He did a great job bowling and with his pizza, cupcake and ice cream. He was also pretty patient about opening his presents and didn't even start asking about them until after we ate. Here are some pictures from the day.

Our 3 year old

Hubby celebrating a gutter ball

Birthday boy bowling

Froggie & her Godfather



Aunt Jen & Uncle Chris 


Froggie & her Godmother

Scored an 80!

The cake

Sleepy Froggie and grandma

She slept through cake!

Happy Birthday to you...

he wanted road, grass and a cone on his cupcake

I'd say he liked it!

opening presents

He had a helping friend

Some excited faces

One joint present for the kids

What's in there?

Disney on Ice tickets!

Playing with his presents

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