Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Restful evening

     In light of Froggie's sick day we decided to take it easy after dinner tonight. After everyone was bathed and put in their jammies we laid out the kids couches with blankets and pillows. Big Brother picked out the movie "Turbo" and then ran to the play kitchen to "get his phone". He pretended to call my sister (she and her fiance got the movie for him for his birthday). He announced "I'm calling Aunt Jen" and when I asked why he said "to thank her". So thanks again for the movie! 
     Before Froggie realized her cup was full of puffs and not popcorn and started stealing popcorn from Big Brother they were sitting nicely watching the movie.
Kiddos ready for their movie

     Froggie is back to her regular self and her medicine has made a HUGE difference from our sick, sleepy girl on Monday!

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