Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Phoenix is Home!

     Phoenix has been found!
     Once everyone was up and ready this morning we headed up to my sisters to help hunt for Phoenix since no one had reported finding her yet. Almost as soon as we walked in the door my sister's phone rang with a call from her fiancé and his father that Phoenix had been found. Hubby and I waited at the house with our kids while my sister and my mother drove out to pick everyone up.
     After a few hours of hiking in the wooded area that runs behind their house they followed some fresh footprints until they spotted Phoenix. She was a little banged up and had a couple lacerations that were pretty deep and appeared to cause her some discomfort while walking but was otherwise in good shape. Once she was in the house we got her bandaged up while the vet was called regarding their course of action for her treatment. Since the vet was closed today for the holiday they were advised to clean her wounds and observe her until they were able to take her in tomorrow morning unless there were any signs of an emergency, in which case they would take her to the emergency vet.
     We are all happy that she is home safe and sound and she was showered with a lot of love!

Phoenix and her mommy and daddy

Getting love from Big Brother

Phoenix safe and sound!

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