Monday, January 13, 2014

Sick Day

     Well if Saturday Froggie was under the weather today is officially a sick day! Sunday Froggie was snuggly and clingy but we went to bed with a temp in the normal range fully expecting to get up and start the week. Apparently Froggie's little body had other plans!
     Just before 3am we woke up with a SUPER hot and unhappy Froggie with a temp of 103.1 I think I'd have been unhappy too. It took awhile for the ibuprofen we gave her to kick in and make her comfortable enough to go back to sleep. At 5 she was just settling back to sleep so I messaged my boss and decided to let her rest and try to fight off whatever was causing this fever.

Our wake up call with Froggie this morning
     After a 2 hour nap Froggie was up for the day. There were glimpses at her normal disposition but they never lasted long and she always went back to being upset and wanting held. She ate most of her breakfast but not in her normal, eat everything in sight and get cut off though she'd probably eat more, fashion. Hubby had gone to work but we had decided if her fever didn't break by this afternoon that we would take her in to the doctor to be seen.
     The next diaper I changed was tinged pink and I started to fear that she may have a urinary tract infection so I called the office to see if they could fit us in. We weren't able to see Froggie's regular doctor but another doctor in the building was able to see her about an hour after I called, so we waited. (Well, Froggie slept and Big Brother watched cartoons while I got everyone dressed to head out the door).

Froggie snuggling with Big Brother watching a movie

Froggie snuggling with Big Brother watching a movie

Sleeping before her doctor's appointment

      Once we were in the office Froggie clung to me while Big Brother played. She would occasionally cry out and look around but overall just seemed really sleepy. Big Brother made her pizza and cookies in the play kitchen and drew on the magna doodle (is that what they still call them? the little boards with the magnetic pens that pull metal flakes to the top to make a picture.).
     After a few minutes of waiting we got back and got settled with the nurse. Froggie weighed in at 18lbs (with her clothes on) and while the nurse took her temp she didn't even make a peep. Though I guess when you have a 103.7 degree fever you don't feel like doing much complaining.When the nurse listened to her heart and breathing she said "oh wow" as she entered information into her chart. Let me tell you, "oh wow" is not one of those things that you really want to hear during an exam. While I typically don't freak out and jump to the worst conclusions the nurses comment made me question my initial guess as to what was going on with Froggie.
     I had busted out my Kindle for Big Brother at this point, he's gotten to the point where he wants constantly entertained or spoken to and when that just isn't an option we try to give him books and toys to play with but when we get desperate (like in the doctor's office) sometimes Angry Birds or a movie are the best options.
     The doctor came in and checked Froggie over again, he looked at her ears, asked about her eating and listened to her heart and breathing. He was pretty confident that she had the start of an infection in her chest/lungs and wanted to start her on antibiotics to try to get rid of it before it turned into pneumonia. This was a little leap of faith for us since he wanted to try the antibiotic without doing an X-ray and noted that he wasn't going to investigate the potential UTI at this point because the antibiotic would address any infection she was fighting off. I agreed with the understanding that if she did not show improvement we would go ahead with the X-ray and hope that we could keep her eating and drinking and eliminate any infection before she warranted a hospital visit.

Angry Birds to the rescue!

This is how we spent the appointment

In and out of sleep
     We headed to the pharmacy and picked up Froggie's medication and got Big Brother a Happy Meal for lunch. Froggie at this point was till running a fever and so I gave her her first dose of her new medication and a dose of ibuprofen before trying to give her lunch. She decided she didn't want her fruit or mac and cheese so she had 3/4 of a banana and some of a teething cracker before she just started at what was on her tray and started to zone out.
     The rest of the day was pretty laid back, by later in the afternoon Froggie spent more time being her giggly, smiley self and played with Big Brother and I on the floor. He even brought out one of his Cabbage Patch dolls and pushed it around, changed it's diaper and asked it to play. When I asked what his baby's name was he told me Froggie's name and then laughed while I took a picture of his baby sister and his baby doll. She seems to do ok as long as we keep up on the ibuprofen and don't let her fever get out of hand, her doctor assured me though that after a few doses of her antibiotic that she shouldn't experience any more fevers.

Big Brother and his baby, "Froggie"

The 2 "Froggie's"

     It's been a very long day and Froggie is peacefully sleeping (for now) and we will be heading to bed soon since no one slept very well last night… Any prayers or positive thoughts for Froggie would be much appreciated, especially since this is her first cold more than the sniffles and it seems to be a pretty big deal.

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