Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween!

     Happy Halloween! Much like the rest of this month today was filled with festivities. This morning was our party at school and this evening was Trick-or-Treating. This afternoon was nice and Hubby and my mom were able to come see the kids in their parade.

1st Halloween

My little pumpkin


They like each other sometimes

Happy Halloween girl



Hubby, Grandma and the kids

Grandma and the kids

Ironman flying

     The weather this evening was horrible and so we walked in the wind and rain to my aunt's house a few streets over and then walked back. The only really decent picture I got of Trick-or-Treating was the one that was taken before we headed out. 

Treat bag from Grandma

Treat bag from Grandma

A treat from mom and dad

Look what I found!

Off to Trick-or-Treat



Trick or Treating

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