Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Fall Fun

     Today we headed out in hopes to beat the rain and check out some of our local fun. We weren't really successful and ended up at the pumpkin farm in some light rain. Big Brother didn't seem to mind and he liked wandering around while Froggie slept in her car seat. I was really sad that she was sleeping, I really wanted to take her picture in the pumpkins with her new pumpkin hat on.
     Luckily this was a local pumpkin patch without all the draw of the big pumpkin patches with slides and there is no cost to get in so we'll try again at some point before the end of the season.

Field full of pumpkins

Big Brother wanted to stand with the ghost!

Big Brother and grandma checking out the horses

He wanted his picture with the pumpkin too

Everyone on the train!

The kids in the pumpkins!

The cat decided to visit Big Brother

He likes this plane

Leaving the farm

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