Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zoo Boo 2013

     Since the weather doesn't look so great for the rest of the week we decided to head to Zoo Boo at our local zoo this evening. I did some running around after work and picked up dinner so we could eat dinner in Hubby's office and get geared up.
     Big Brother was REALLY excited to dress up as Iron Man though the promise of the zoo AND candy to a 2 year old pretty much did it before Iron Man was even involved. We've gone in a the past with Big Brother but I think this year was, by far, our best year. The decision to go tonight was a last minute one after I looked at the forecast. Despite trying to have everything packed up we were missing a few things. We picked up some lighted bracelets and Big Brother picked out a mask for me. 
     We ran through the drive thru on our way to the center and had dinner in Hubby's office while everyone got changed and ready to drive down the street. It was a struggle to find parking and we arrived less than half an hour after Zoo Boo started. I took some pictures of the kids while we waited for Hubby to come over and meet us from the other parking area. 
     Upon entry you're given a bag and tickets which you turn in for treats. Though Froggie wasn't supposed to get anything the nice women at the gate gave her one. We walked around and collected our treats while checking out the animals. We also rode the carousel and train before the wind picked up and the rain started. We got everyone packed up just as the rain began to fall a little harder. 
     Overall it was a great night and my little Iron Man even got up and danced with a bunch of kids and did the Cha Cha Slide! He even did well with the left and right directions. 

Posing before we went into the zoo

Posing before we went into the zoo

Posing before we went into the zoo

In the zoo, ready to go!

Trading tickets for treats

Watching the Polar Bear

Walking with Hubby

Dancing with the other kids

The back of Froggie's costume

IronMan riding the carousel

Sleepy Froggie and I on the carousel

Family picture!

Froggie feeding herself some dinner

The kids and I

Snuggling while we wait for the train

riding the train

The Kids posing before we left

Love this one!

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