Friday, November 1, 2013

9 Months Old

     Froggie is 9 months old today! She's come a long way in the past 9 months and has had her share of set backs. She is generally happy and lots of fun to snuggle. She's normally tolerant of her Big Brother which is saying a lot, since there are days where I have a hard time tolerating his behavior.
     Our little Nugget officially has 7 teeth! With another on its way through... She is a GREAT eater and will try whatever we give her. I don't think we've found anything yet that she doesn't like! She got a nifty new sippy cup with a straw yesterday and seems to do well with it. She crawls around and pulls herself up on everything from toys to furniture to the legs of anyone close by.         
   She's growing in leaps and bounds but lately she has been struggling with sleep. I don't like to blame behavior and illness on teeth but by process of elimination I feel that her sleep issues may have been tooth related. Some nights over the past few weeks she has woken up to have a mini party. She crawls around and throws stuff on the floor. This morning she crawled over to Hubby and attacked him with kisses!

Big Girl at breakfast

Such a happy Froggie

Big Girl at dinner

     November 1st is also the day that I choose what the kids will be for Halloween next year. I snagged a new superhero for Big Brother and a Strawberry for Froggie for about $18.50. The costumes originally cost $52.99, I'd call that a deal! We are all snuggled up now for the night watching Monster's University! 

Movie night

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