Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Craftiness

     I didn't finish all of my intended craftiness for the day due to a variety of reasons; limited nap time, needing to feed myself, visiting family from out of town, etc. I did get some done though and I love what came out of today's "me" time.
     I'll be checking some more things off my to do list tomorrow but there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done that I'd like to. Here are some pictures of what that pile of stuff in the last post has begun to turn into:

Pillowcase dress with lace

Camo (blue) and pink pillowcase dress

Short and long baby legs
     There is one more dress and two more  pair of baby legs coming as well as a new (bigger) pair of crochet baby legs once I get to that.
     We went out to dinner tonight and Froggie got sucked in to the Pittsburgh Penguins game. She loved the game and started to fuss when it was time to go. My big boy got a sucker out of a crane machine and though we normally don't let him have them but I figured it was time to let him try. He loved it but anyone close to him came away sticky.

Froggie watching hockey.

Big bother enjoying his sucker.

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  1. I am loving reading your blog! My 3 week old has been froggied since she was 3 days old.. we're hoping we only have to do 6 weeks in the harness full time and then will be only at night. I love how you made the leggings to go under her brace, this may be a dumb question, but how do they stay up? I have toddler socks under my baby's brace and they don't stay up very well plus it's getting chillier now... did your leggings come up all the way to her hip crease? My e-mail is if you wouldn't mind sending me a note about them. So glad you have this blog, it is great!