Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

     From my family to yours, Happy Mother's Day! Above is one of many crafts my kids have done. Froggie even ditched her harness temporarily to add her contribution. We haven't really deviated from our normal schedule today. I got to go grocery shopping sans kids thanks to my mom and picked up some scratch off lottery tickets and a Frappe on my way home.

My Mother's Day gift to myself.
     You may be wondering where my hubby has been and why I'm not being pampered and kids free because of him. He's away doing his 2 weeks for the Navy reserves so we've been talking a lot via Skype. This is what our calls tend to look like:

Big Brother showing daddy his tush after being asked to sit on it. 

Big Brother showing Daddy his cars.

     The kids also made me beautiful flower pots at school this past week. I was waiting until today to show them off though.

Big brother's flower pot.

Froggie's flower pot.

     Now for something harness related since that's the primary reason this blog was started. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we have to return to Shriner's Hospital for Children for our first check up since receiving the harness. That means today Froggie got some extra out of harness time so that I could go over all of the nylon with a tide pen and use my tiniest pair of scissors to cut all the little fuzzy things off of the fleece padding. I'm sure they know what a worn harness looks like but there's no reason she shouldn't have the cleanest looking harness possible. Clothes are laid out and lunches will be packed so that we can just get up and walk out the door tomorrow, this will only be the second time Big Brother has come to an appointment and it will be the first time he'll be coming without my husband to keep an eye on him while I listen to what the doctor has to say. Luckily Shriner's is an amazing place that caters to children; last time Big Brother came the carted in a bunch of trains for him to play with while his little sister got checked out. 
     Tomorrow I'll post my questions for the doctor as well as his answers and an update on Froggie and her harness.

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