Sunday, May 5, 2013

Crafts, Comics and Castles OH MY!

     Lunches, bedding and bags are packed for a quick getaway tomorrow morning. Sadly, this is the point where my weekend is over. Once I start packing lunches Sunday merges from weekend to week night.
     Today has been a fairly busy weekend full of crafting, comics and photography. In my previous post you witnessed my craftiness in action but following dual nap time my kids and I drove to our local comic book store to meet my husband (who's kind of a nerd) for Free Comic Book Day.
     In the beginning of May every year comic book stores are flooded with people dressed up in costumes flocking in through their doors to collect their free comic. I think my son had a lot of fun and both of my kids wore superhero shirts all day yesterday! Froggie even wore a hand-me-down spiderman shirt with her red & white striped leggings under her harness with a big blue flower on her head. She tolerates the headbands and giant flowers, I hope she's equally as tolerant of the clips and bows that are soon to come since her hair is starting to curl down into her forehead and over her ears.

My little family and their comic books.

     I left Froggie and my son in the hands of my mother this morning to go take portraits of our third graders make their First Communion. I love taking photographs and despite the stress of events like today I really enjoy doing it. After this I re-assembled my sons play set which he refers to as a castle. He couldn't even wait for it to be pressure washed before he climbed all around and got good and dirty while doing so.
     Froggie seems to have adjusted to the harness and still lets us take it off and put it on without complaint. When it's off her legs continue to stay "froggied" for the most part but she seems so happy to wiggle her chunky little legs. Today she had her harness off for less than an hour to get her clothes changed and do some tummy time. It amazes me how well she holds her head up and how determined she is to roll over. She hasn't done it since the day she got her harness (and that day she did it 3 times!) but she tries very hard to get from belly to back. This evening she got herself rolled up on her side and just got comfy there.
     It's time to give in to the upcoming week and let the weekend come to a close.

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