Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cleaning the Harness

     Well it was bound to happen...

"The Stain"

     One day shy of having the harness for 2 weeks and I spilled something on Froggie. I'm typically pretty clumsy so I'm surprised that it took this long to stain the harness. We've done a few spot cleanings when she spits up or kicks her foot into something gross. Until today I was using a spare toothbrush and water which got the fleece padding pretty wet and it had to dry for about an hour. I can't imagine how long it would take to air dry the harness after a full hand washing.
     I feel like I should mention the cleaning instructions for those of you who don't know them. The harness can only be hand washed and drip dried; I don't know why but those are the directions. I feel bad for those babies who are not permitted out of their harness, they would be stuck in soggy harnesses every time they needed cleaned.
      So I'm sure it's killing you to know what I spilled on Froggie.
      On the way into work this morning I jostled my coffee (already cold) and it spilled onto her beloved  blankie and the Velcro straps on her ankle. I wasn't really looking forward to trying to get coffee out of her white harness and was dreading having to wash the entire harness because of my clumsiness.
      About half-way through the day I thought about these amazing things:

     So after work I carted the kids around and picked up a few things; pull-ups, a present for Froggie, some little stuff for dinner. I almost forgot the tide to go pens which were one of the two main reasons I ventured to the store in the rain anyway. 
     They worked wonders! I didn't try to use them while Froggie was in her harness but I'm sure it's doable if necessary. It took a little while to dry, and actually when I started to strap Froggie back into the harness I realized it was still a little damp. 
     Check out the difference: 

No more stain!

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