Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tummy Time in the harness

     While we were at our appointment yesterday the staff seemed overly concerned about Froggie getting tummy time. Tummy time is pushed for all kids but apparently because she has a harness it's extra important. From what I gathered from their questioning it has something to do with an increased risk of flat head syndrome for kids in harness'. It's a good thing that Froggie loves to be on her belly!
     At least she did before the harness. She would lay on the floor and stare at herself in the mirror I normally propped near her and sometimes she would even fall asleep. Now that she has the harness tummy time is a different experience. When she has her harness off she still just lays on her belly; however, if she has her harness on she doesn't seem to be able to get comfortable and ends up laying, with her face on the floor, in defeat.

     This is where her pillow comes in handy. In the first days after getting the harness we went out looking for a pillow that was pretty squishy to help Froggie be comfortable. I bought 2 of them thinking we'd leave one at home and take one to "school" and they work great but they aren't used for their original purpose. Instead of propping up Froggie's dangling feet they prop her up for tummy time!
     I really recommend a pillow or rolled up towel or something. Froggie still gets some tummy time out of her harness or at least with her feet free.

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