Saturday, May 4, 2013

Let The Crafting Begin! (Baby Legs tutorial)

     It is absolutely beautiful outside. However, I'm sitting here in front of my computer and earlier I was sitting in front of a sewing machine. This is partially because both, yes I said BOTH, of my children are napping at the same time and I'm getting some craftiness out of my system.
     Like I said in an earlier post leggings are a must have, they also cost more than I would like to spend on them. That being said I had pinned a couple tutorials while wasting time on Pinterest and figured now was as good a time as any to give it a shot.
     The original tutorial was from the blog  My Sister's Suitcase but I adapted it a little. So here is my version:

      Start with women's knee length socks. I got this 3 pack on a clearance rack for $3.50 but I've also seen bloggers post that they get theirs at their local dollar store.

     Unlike the other tutorials I chose to cut my socks a little differently. I opted to cut them off at the ankle and cutting a shorter cuff rather than cutting out the toe and heel as the tutorial suggested. My daughter is only 3 months old so she doesn't need the extra length that the longer cuff and longer leg provide.

     Fold the cuff in half and line it up with the rough edge of the leg. I chose to pin them because I set up all 3 pair before I pulled out the sewing machine but if you're doing one and going straight from cutting to sewing pins may not be necessary. I also opted not to make the cuff more narrow as directed in the tutorial from My Sisters Suitcase. This decision was made for 2 reasons, I pinned everything before I got the sewing machine out which made that step hard and I didn't actually think the cuffs needed to be made any more narrow than the leg since our other leggings and baby legs don't have a significantly narrow cuff. Now it's time to sew and you have a brand spanking new pair of baby legs (or 3)!

Froggie's new baby legs!

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