Monday, May 6, 2013

Thinking of Things to Come

     Froggie's first check up is creeping up on us...
     We were supposed to go back in this week to have the harness checked and adjusted if necessary but Froggie's doctor is scheduled to have a long weekend so we will be going in first thing Monday morning (one week from today).
     I'm more nervous about this check up than about the appointment when she had her X-rays done. This probably has something to do with the fact that I went into that appointment thinking she'd have a clear X-ray and we'd never have to return.
     Lots of people ask me "is it going to work?" and to be honest I don't know. My response is typically "it's supposed to" followed by details about how long she's going to wear it etc. I've read stories from parents who say their child only had to wear the harness for a few weeks instead of a few months and that everything was fine; however, I've also read stories about children who were not helped, needed surgery and required more intense treatment.
     I suppose I was pretty numb to the situation on day one and I have been doing some research since then but the information specific to Froggie all comes from our doctor. Throughout the rest of the week I'll be compiling questions to ask our doctor on Monday. I will share them with you all, as well as the answers, come next Monday.
     Froggie has seems to have adjusted to the harness. She kicks and wiggles when it's off but she doesn't seem to fuss when it's time to put it back on. I wonder if the positioning has become comforting to her, the doctor didn't seem to think that her hip positioning caused her any pain now but who knows.
     The weather was beautiful again today and so the kids and I took the time to go for a walk. My son is very much into doing things for himself so he opted to walk rather than ride in the wagon or stroller while Froggie was strapped into the Ergobaby. It was a nice way to transition from the rushing around of the day to our bed time routine, not to mention it probably made him EXTRA tired.

Walking with the kids. 

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