Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome Back to the Wild

     Today was opening day of our local zoo! It's nice that the zoo is back open because it gives us another thing to add to our list of activities to do and it gets us back outside. It's been really cold again lately (isn't is supposed to be warming up?) and Hubby said that it was going to be too cold to go to opening day. I decided that it was warmer than it has been and we've been coped up too long so we packed extra blankets and dressed warmly and headed out. Hubby met us there when he was done working and my mom came with us as well.
     It actually wasn't too bad temperature wise and even though not all of the animals were out I'm glad we went and that the kids got to have some fun.

Happy Big Brother

Sleepy Froggie

Big Brother and grandma

up close and personal with the lion

up close and personal with the lion

up close and personal with the lion

Froggie wanted to see the lion too

all bundled up

the swans hanging out on the ice

Todd the 55 year old turtle

Big Brother checking out the turtle

Froggie the popcorn monster

Froggie the popcorn monster

our little family at the zoo

Happy Froggie

     Hubby and I also had a "date night". We don't go out often but friends of ours from the Navy had invited us to dinner and so we headed out to have dinner with them at a local Mexican restaurant and then after that some of us stopped by Menchies for dessert (it's a frozen yogurt bar!). It was nice to get out and socialize and not have to worry about how the kids were behaving and whether they were bored or not.

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