Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Breakfast With Grandpa

     This morning (even with the time change!) we got up and headed out to breakfast with Hubby's dad.  We went to Big Brother's favorite restaurant - Cracker Barrel! The food was delicious and it was nice to spend some time out of the house after yesterday's lazy afternoon. The kids had a blast and ate a better breakfast than they normally do.

He stole my orange

Hubby and Big Brother

Froggie got a froggy

The Froggy

    After we were done at breakfast we went to the mall and let Big Brother blow off some steam playing in the play area at the mall while Froggie slept in the stroller. We picked up a few things while we were there, the most exciting of which was a small stash of Girl Scout cookies despite our attempts to not buy cookies this year.
     We wrapped our mall trip up with a stop into Build A Bear. Hubby absolutely hates this store but he wanted to see if Big Brother wanted to make a Spiderman bear. In true Big Brother fashion he decided that he didn't want the Spiderman bear but he wanted a My Little Pony. SO… we left with Rainbow Dash. He wanted the sound clip for her but we decided that it would drive us nuts so we just got the pony.

Making a pony

He was so excited

Rainbow Dash!

Picking a friend

riding on my back!

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