Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lenten Changes

     I was reminded several years ago that Lent is  time for making permanent changes rather than temporary ones. Many have given things up for the Lenten season but will resume those behaviors and welcome those things back  into their lives with the celebration of Easter.
     For a long time I haven't given anything up during Lent. I either couldn't decide on something or just forgot until after Lent had already begun. This year I'm making some positive changes rather than eliminating things (not that eliminating some things wouldn't be positive). I invested in a Fitbit so that I can hold myself accountable and keep up with being active and taking care of myself.
     I'm also going to be doing a crochet/knitting ministry with some other ladies from my church. We're meeting on Monday evening to meet each other, come up with a name for the ministry, share patterns and have some snacks. It should be a lot of fun and I've ben working on some patterns so I'm really excited about it!

My new toy

A prayer shawl I was working on

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