Friday, March 14, 2014

A Little Friday Fun

     The kids normally come home with me when I'm done working in the afternoon and then they start their nap a little later. Today I wanted to run some errands and still have Big Brother get his nap in (Froggie is still pretty content to nap anywhere) so I left him with my coworkers and headed out to get some things done.
     My first stop was lunch since I forgot to pack myself something. I ran through the drive through on my way out to the Peninsula. Why might I have been heading to the Peninsula you may ask? I had to pick up race packets for Hubby and I to run the Saint Patrick's Day 5K. Froggie snoozed away while I picked up our timing chips and shirts. When we were done there Froggie and I headed over to a nearby hotel where they were hosting the Kidsignment sale, a consignment sale that occurs twice a year as a fundraiser in our area.
     I was able to pick up some awesome deals for the kids and Froggie slept in the Ergobaby carrier almost the entire time. When we were all done there we headed back to pick up Big Brother and headed to the zoo to wait until Hubby was done working for the day.
     The weather had warmed up and I decided to let the kids walk around since we wouldn't be there very long. Visiting the lions went really well and then Froggie tried to climb in to see the ducks and Ibises. After seeing some of the animals inside we went outside and visited the giraffes and of course the ducks. (I'm pretty sure the ducks are Big Brother's favorite animal at the zoo) Big Brother was jumping in puddles and so Froggie decided to play in them too - by sitting in one! So with wet feet and tights we went to the adventure center to look at some more animals inside while we continued to wait for Hubby.

Froggie checking out the lion

trying to climb in

checking out the Ibises

Big Brother the penguin

Seeing how close he could get

conversing with the ducks

Big Brother's favorite duck (the white one)

     It was a nice surprise for the kids to go to the zoo today and they always seem to have a lot of fun when we can be out of the house!

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