Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Back...

     Well it's not spring yet and winter made yet another appearance today. We went from temperatures in the low to mid 50's Monday and Tuesday to winter weather today. The morning started off ok but the temperature steadily declined and the rain turned to snow and sleet. By time I left work at 1:45 everything was icy. I had to scraped a layer of ice off of my car and yank on the doors pretty hard since they were nearly frozen shut.

What it looked like out the window at 10am

     While I was getting ready to leave work I could feel the start of a migraine coming on - you know the pressure around your eyes and the feeling that you're just not seeing things right. While the kids napped and my migraine crept up on me I unloaded and refilled lunch boxes, started dinner and laid on the couch. When Froggie woke up I tried to be entertaining but it was getting tough so I took some ibuprofen and brewed myself a cup of coffee. By this time Big Brother was up and wanted to watch My Little Pony. My grand idea was to set my laptop up outside the mesh of the pack n play in the living room and let the kids play and watch in there while I let the medicine and caffeine take effect. After an episode we sat down for dinner and the migraine was almost gone! I'm so glad that I get them sporadically and that they typically only last a couple hours from start to finish.

They were so good about this set up

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