Sunday, February 9, 2014

Froggie's Birthday Celebration

     We celebrated Froggie's 1st birthday this weekend! We had a big party at Hubby's parent's house and had about 40 people join in on the fun! (We had done a big party when Big Brother turned 1 and decided it would be fair to do the same for Froggie.)
     The day started off with Tumbling followed by picking up Panera for lunch before we stated to decorate for Froggie's party.


Froggie has become a great spectator

backwards rolls



     What other kind of party would be fit for a Froggied Princess than a princess party? Here's a look around at some of the decorations.

The reason I haven't posted a blog since Wednesday!

LOVE the way they turned out!

     Froggie had a blast opening presents and did really well until she opened the La La Loopsy doll our friends had gotten her, then she wanted nothing but the doll! She was blessed with a ton of gifts from our family and friends and will be one well dressed little girl this spring/summer!

Froggie's gifts, she was very blessed.

Excited to open her presents

Big Brother had his own gifts.

The first gift, she dove right in

Checking everything out

What's in here?

She could have fit INSIDE this bag!

Tea set!


It was a princess tent!

La La Loopsy doll!

She LOVES it!

reading her card.


I think she realized everyone was watching her.

Happy Froggie!

What's in here?

A new chair!

Sitting in the chair to open the rest of her gifts

She loved it!

Can I get in here?

Big Brother decided to wear her tiara

Then he put it on me!

     Then, the best part of any first birthday, it was time for cake! Froggie was really antsy and upset that she had to wait until the singing was over to enjoy her cake but she dug right in once it was on her tray!
     It was a VERY busy day and it was a lot of fun! Froggie was bathed before guests started to leave and then once most had departed she fell asleep while my mom held her.


Why can't I have this yet?

How should I do this?

All at once!

Check out that face! She didn't want to share!

Happy girl, covered in cake!

Oh the joy of cake!

All partied out!

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