Monday, February 24, 2014

Froggie's Final Birthday Celebration

     Today was Froggie's turn to celebrate her birthday at Chick-fil-a. We got up and ready and headed up to Chick-fil-a and got settled. We've been there for an event once a month since december so we're getting pretty good at this! We got all settled in and had breakfast and Cow came out. Froggie seemed to like the cow better last time when it was dressed as a princess but she was pretty interested in it this time too (until it was time for her to go see him herself!).
     She really seems to enjoy her newfound mobility and walked all over the restaurant and play area after she ate and cow brought her a gift of a little cow and red ball. Unfortunately both Hubby and I thought that the other had her little cow (which she really like and made him dance around and walked around with him) and he was left behind. I e-mailed the wonderful woman in charge of the events and she is holding on to her cow until Monday when Hubby is going to stop in and pick him up.

Froggie and her sign

Big Brother with his breakfast

The boys

Happy Froggie with her gift

Big Brother got a ball too

Making Cow dance

Making Cow dance

Chicken dance

getting an autograph from Cow


Froggie with Cow

walking around with her cow

play area


Trying to join Big Brother

checking everything out

Showing Froggie what everything does

Froggie found a froggy!

     After Froggie's birthday breakfast we headed to Big Brother's last tumbling class. He has a lot of fun before class starts playing around on the equipment but when class starts he runs around and does everything but what he's supposed to. He has a lot of fun and it seems to be a "boy thing" to just explore while the girls seem to do better at following directions. Froggie also had fun wandering around too and meeting some of the younger kids from the earlier class.

Jumping around

Walking around meeting new friends

Checking everything out


enjoying his time rocking

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