Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Car Seat is recalled… Now What?

     The short answer, nothing. according to several sources (see the USA Today article here) Graco has recalled a few million carseats manufactured over a 4 year period due to issues with the buckle. This recall only applies to toddler carseats which Froggie of course is in, so we checked out her seat this evening and it is included in the recall.
     So now what?
     Like my first sentence says, nothing. There is no immediate fix, there is no mandate that we stop using her car seat due to the recall issue. I'm going to call a toll free number and find out what exactly the repair kit will include and how long it will take to arrive.
     Please check out the article if you have a Graco seat (even infant seats are eligible for the recall kit if you're uncomfortable just detaching the carrier from the base) and give them a call!

Froggie's first ride in her now recalled seat.

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