Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! (November Challenge: Day 28)

     Today I am thankful that I was able to spend today with (the majority) of my family. Big Brother and I started the day pretty early and ran the Turkey Trot even though it was Snowy while Froggie stayed home with Grandma. Despite the cold temperatures and the slippery road he and I made it to the finish. We put about 15 minutes onto our average time but I figured that it would take us a little longer given the weather. We ran about 1/3 of it, walked about 1/3 and then Big Brother was carried about 1/3 of the way. Towards the end the road was pretty slippery and the snow picked up so I carried him, but he crossed the finish on his own! We stopped for some water before we walked to the car and a bunch of the water cups had begun to freeze over!

Shoes ready to run

all set to run

My sleepy running buddy

There's my smile

The mask he wouldn't leave on

Check out the snow

The water even started to freeze!

     We picked up some hot chocolate and donut holes on the way home and Big Brother loved his hard earned (2nd) breakfast.
     After we showered and got ourselves ready to be presentable we headed to have our first Thanksgiving dinner with Hubby's parents with my mom in tow. Froggie LOVED her first Thanksgiving dinner and ate up everything on her tray. Big Brother on the other hand ate like a bird and after a handful of bites started to play with his silverware.

Sitting at the head of the table

Thanksgiving dinner #1
What is all this stuff?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Froggie on her 1st Thanksgiving

Showing off her spoon

what's this?

Mmmm apple pie!

    Following our first dinner we packed up and headed back towards home and stopped for our second dinner with my sister and her fiancé's family. Big Brother got to play with some other kids his age and had a blast even though he only ate just a little bit more. Froggie got a few more snacks and then fell asleep for the majority of our visit.
     Hubby was kind enough to send us a picture of him having his Thanksgiving dinner away from home!

Pre-Thanksgiving photo shoot 1

Pre-Thanksgiving photo shoot 2

Pre-Thanksgiving photo shoot 3

Pre-Thanksgiving photo shoot 4
Pre-Thanksgiving photo shoot 5
Happy little turkey
Happy little turkey!

Little turkey

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