Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday

     Did anyone go shopping on Black Friday?
     I spent all week trying to get people to go for me so I wouldn't have to go and then I ended up going out for about 30 minutes anyway. Well, I suppose Black Friday was more like run up the hill at 10:30pm Thursday once everyone leaves Wal-Mart. I got a few little gifts for Hubby and the kids as well as Disney Infinity for our family to share. The deals were pretty good but, honestly there was nothing I really couldn't pass up aside from Disney Infinity which was about 1/2 off. Hubby went out for about as long as I did and got a few gifts as well, at least he was willing to go shopping for me.
     Before the Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping craziness began I picked up a LeapPad 2 for Noah for $39! I was looking through Black Friday ads and realized I got an amazing deal since the Black Friday prices were all about $50.
     Over all we avoided the craziness and stayed in most of the day. We spent the evening having pizza and wings with great friends and I got to have some quality time with my adult friends instead of chasing after the munchkins too much.

My Black Friday deal!

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